Winter break

Hello Everyone!

I made the website for a computer class I was taking this past summer, but I think I will still use it.

I’m on winter break right now and I’m trying to get mentally prepared for my last semester of college.  In all honesty, I feel a bit nervous because I’m finally going out into the real word. All of these “what if’s” keep popping into my mind.  I don’t want to fail and I don’t think I will, but I am nervous.

On a lighter note I recently purchased a new hair product: Moroccan Oil Unknown-3

and I love it so far.  I have the Hydrating Shampoo, Hydrating mask, oil treatment, and hydrating styling cream.  My absolute favorite is the Hydrating Mask! I have relaxed hair and it really delivers that moisture that I need. I use it about once a week.


So these are the activities my winter break has consisted of, stressing and hair products, oh and zumba too!  I hope everyone is enjoying their winter break as well.

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Document Sharing

This past year was my first year here at the University of Minnesota and I was able to work with Google Docs a few times. It was extremely helpful for group projects, because my groups could not always meet at the same time and we were able to complete word documents and powerpoint via Google Docs.  I think share point has a great element of privacy due to it’s obligation to provide a high level of confidentiality.  This is something that I feel Google Docs lacks. I know the video on Share point stressed how easy it is to use, and from the video it looked a bit complicated, but I guess I would have to work with it first to truly know.  I definitely like Google Docs, but one thing I found difficult when working with it, on a group project was that if someone was already on the Google Document, then it would jump back and forth between who could edit or not.  It was a tug of war, so my group could not all be on it at the same time. I am not familiar with any other document sharing tools, because I’m still fairly new to all of this, and I will look into more tools, as I will most likely need to use them in the future.

I found a video that introduces mobile Google Docs, which I think is great because our society is always on the go.   Check it out!!!

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What impressed me the most about doodle is that it can schedule and send out invitations automatically, and the user has the freedom to chose when/how those emails are distributed. This is helpful career wise and educationally because it makes it easier for everyone to choose a date to meet by initially laying out what the availability is for the host of the meeting and having people work around that.  Also, educationally it can be used to send our assignment reminders or set up group meetings as shown in the video.

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CI 5301 Blog project

Today I was able to use adobe connect and I really liked.  I think its an excellent tool for online classes, this way we are able to do group presentation.  What impressed me to most about this program is being able to share your own computer screen with your group members and point to different ideas on your powerpoint or file that you are presenting. I envision this tool being used in workplace for visual conferences or presentations. These days jobs are changing and many people are able to just work from their homes as long as they are getting their work done.  This tool can assist many companies with this, or if the company is trying to globalize itself, this tool can help the save money on travel expenses.  In education, this took is beneficial for online classes, hybrid classes, or on campus course, and because of its accessibility, I think more and more classes will be made into online or hybrid.  Something else this tool could be used for is LMS systems in both the workplace and education.

Here is a link of my Pam’s Dog Spa presentation which I conducted of Adobe Connect.

Pam’s Dog Spa

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New Blogger

I’m new to this, and I’m not quite sure what I’m doing, but I’ll get there.

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